Best Things to Buy at Goodwill

It’s amazing how many things you can find at thrift stores. Add in a little imagination and patience and the possibilities are endless! Here are my top favorite things to get at Goodwill!

#1. Unique dishes

It’s hard to find complete matching sets, so I like to mix and match themed dishes!


#2. Rustic decor

There are always tons of baskets, wooden trays, and boxes to  choose from!


#3. Books

Books! You can never have too many!


#4. Coffee mugs

For some reason, these types of cups make coffee even better!


#5. Faux plants

The floral section is a hit or miss, but they usually have a good selection!


#6. End tables

A little paint and new hardware can go a long way!


#7. Picture frames

Always TONS to choose from!


#8. Throw pillows

Buy a pillow for $2, and then go to Hobby Lobby for a great decorative cover selection! You can get a brand new look/pillow for under $6!


#9. Little decor items

Knick Knacks-always plenty to choose from. 🙂 


#10. Lamps and shades

This is another hit or miss item. Sometimes you’ll find the lamp, but no shade, and vise versa.





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