Creating A Kid-friendly Home

A few tips to create a safe and well decorated home for the whole family!


#1. Choose furniture that does double duty. Storage trunks, side tables with drawers, dressers as changing tables (we loved that one), etc.




#2. When looking for furniture, look for something that is heavier and chunky. Littles have a way of knocking things over, and having something strong and stable will prevent that from happening.




#3. Use stain repellant fabrics. Think leather couches and stain repellent drapes. You never know when your littles will wipe their face on the curtains, or make an accidental spill on the sofa. 😉




#4. Choose safe accessories and décor. Littles LOVE to reach and play with all things shiny and tiny. Choosing to decorate with pillows, books, and blankets are always a good idea!

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset



#5. Keep your rugs and your babies happy by using easy to clean and forgiving rugs. Stay away from viscose and silks and opt for quilted hides, Persian rugs (because of their dark and busy patterns), and natural fiber rugs as they are all very easy to clean and or hide a spot in.



…and just like that, we have both a nicely decorated and kid-friendly home! 🙂



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