Decorating with ALDI

I love shopping at ALDI’s. The prices are unbeatable, the selection is good, and I love the different specialty items they have. One thing that I’ve slowly become aware of is their large selection of home goods. I didn’t realize that they had so much to choose from! Below are my favorite $15 and under finds!

#1. Memory Foam Bath Mat


Only $9.99, and super comfy to stand on. 🙂



#2. Easy Organizer


Only $8.99, and can be used for anything!



#3. Wire Bath Stand

Ours has held up great! Only $12.99



#4. Sunflower Plants

I just got a whole bunch of these-one of my favorite plants! 🙂 Only $2.99!



#5. Easy Home Showerhead

Multifunctional and works great!! Only $7.99




All of the items are currently available in-store! Check them out! 🙂


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